ESL Starter Kit

Product Description

Our ESL Starter Kit contains everything that you need to test this exciting technology:

  • 100 x 2.8" ESL Labels

  • 1 Basestation

  • ESL Server Software (for download)

The kit will have you running a demo in less than one hour time.

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) enable dynamic pricing and are a central part of store automation.

Our ESL solution is fully integrated with our Next Generation Label Printing System (LPSNG). 

  • You define label layouts with our web based graphical layout editor
  • Print jobs with ESLs are automatically sent to your labels:
    • Either directly (when running LPSNG in the store)
    • or via our ESL server (a Windows program running in the store, that automatically downloads the label content from LPSNG in the cloud or in your own data center)

The ESL Starter Pack includes a license to our ESL Server Software, that allows you to connect your labels via the internet to our cloud based Next Generation Label Printing System.

2.8" ESL Labels

Display Size 2.8 "
Resolution 232 x 88
Active Area 65.9 mm x 25.8 mm
Panel Outline 92.6 mm x 41.6 mm
Thickness 14 mm


Network Interface RJ45
Power Interface

5V DC 2A (includes 220V power adapter)

Frequency 433 MHz - 434.92 MHz
Coverage Radius of 25 m 
Terminals max 65536
Size 200 mm x 127 mm x 31mm
Weight 0.8 kg


 You can use a separate WLAN dongle to connect it via WLAN to your network


Operating System Windows 7 or better
Disk 1 GB
Network TCP connection to basestation 
Internet Internet connection to cloud bases LPSNG
Service Installs as Windows Service
Software Delivery Internet Download with Installer


We are also offering the full LPSNG software for on premises installation as separate product.